How You Can Help

KHAKY is a grass roots, independent organization that depends on the generosity of its corporate partners and communities for support. The majority of our financial support is generated through fundraising events, corporate donations, and individual gifts. Every donation regardless how big or how small is deeply appreciated. With a limited budget, it is amazing how far we can stretch every dollar. Our grassroots

With a paid staff of only one individual, the effective use of volunteers is critical to our ability to administer the variety and extent of programs and services. KHAKY is fortunate to work with renal dietitians and social workers that donate their time and expertise in helping with our patient oriented programming. Our Board of Directors is a “hand’s on” board that jumps in to provide their expertise and time to staff our events and fundraisers. But many more volunteers are needed to get all of the work done.

Most people are born with two healthy kidneys. We can survive nicely with just one. If you have a spare, consider learning more about how you can save a life by being a living kidney donor. Every 22 seconds someone dies waiting for a transplant. You can make a difference in someone’s life!