Financial Support

The Kidney Health Alliance of Kentucky is the result of the many partnerships, volunteers, and supporters that have come together to see that the mission we have adopted can be accomplished. All of us at KHAKY understand that together we can do more! We appreciate the support of all of our donors and volunteers and appreciate the commitment we share to lead the way to healthier Kentucky kidneys. You and/or your company can become a member of the alliance, too! Click here for more details

Financial gifts, whether donated in memory of a friend or relative or in honor of someone you admire are always welcomed. Donations of office equipment or other “in kind” gifts are also greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible.

Estate gifts are another way to leave a legacy. Contact your attorney to find out how simple it is to remember KHAKY in your will.

Living charitable trusts and donations from IRA’s are also new and creative ways to demonstrate your philanthropic spirit and save tax dollars at the same time.

Required minimum distributions (RMD) from your IRA can now be sent as donations to qualified charities, like KHAKY, and avoid the income tax that would otherwise be assessed on those funds.

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